Go Green

Miami’s #1 Green Printing Company

For years Executive Printers has been applying green manufacturing practices that there were no certifications for. Most important of these practices, is recycling of all waste paper in both the manufacturing plant and our administrative offices, as well as picking up our customer’s waste paper for recycling upon request. Other items that are recycled are our toner cartridges for all computer printers as well as our 3 digital presses, metal plates are also recycled for the silver and aluminum used to create them, and wooden pallets.

To further protect the environment, we have eliminated all oil based inks from manufacturing and have been using soy and vegetable oil based inks for many years. Lastly we insist on swing shifts for our employees, to help them avoid the heavy traffic periods allowing for less time in transit and thus causing less emissions to be released into the atmosphere. Let our company help with your company’s green transition.

If you have any other questions or would like additional tips, feel free to email contact us.