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Custom Designed and Printed Brochures

30 Oct Products | Comments Off on Custom Designed and Printed Brochures
Custom Designed and Printed Brochures

Custom Designed and Printed Brochures

We were contacted by Marine Technology Inc (MTI) to design and print a high end brochure. The problem, we only had a week to do it! The Miami Boat Show was just around the corner.

From Design:

Brochures being designed in Adobe Indesign

To Print

Printed Brochures


The Process

1. Preliminary Meeting

We sat with MTI to gather information and build a schedule. This allows us to learn as much as we can about their company and its customers. We ask questions. What do you want to accomplish with this brochure? Who is your target audience?

2. Design

These are beautiful boats, our design team took the information gathered during the initial meeting and created a beautiful 8 panel brochure with a carbon fiber theme.

3. Production

Depending on whether the job is digital or offset the printing process is a very different. In this particular case the job was offset. The artwork was sent to out Computer to Plate (CTP) Department, the plates were produced to be ran on the press.

We run a few test sheets to perfect the color. This guarantees that you will be satisfied with the end result. Because of the fact that these boats are so flashy and vibrant in color we wanted to make sure the colors printed true. A few quick tweaks and these brochures were ready to go to print.

It’s that simple.

Miami Press Check

If you have your own custom design, contact us at Executive Printers of Florida to produce it. Our experts are very knowledgeable and may even have a few new ideas to spice up your existing piece.

To order your own custom brochures please click below or give us a call today!

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