New ECO-FRIENDLY line of products.

The industry is “going back to the roots” and DGS, conscious of the environmental impact of the graphics production, offers now a complete line of rigid and flexible materials compatible with Eco-Solvent, UV and Latex inks. Thanks to strategic partnerships with US manufacturers, Executive Printers now expand its product line to satisfy today’s printer needs. This is a great environmentally friendly option to using foam board or coroplast. Also it costs much less! DGS Board
[headline h=”1″]RIGID SUBSTRATES[/headline]———————————————————————————————————————————————
Falconboard™ Structural (Honeycomb) graphic board.
Converdboard® MR Micro-corrugated white paper rigid board.
EcoBoard™ Corrugated cardboard for UV printing.
     [headline h=”1″]FLEXIBLE MEDIA from CONVERD[/headline]———————————————————————————————————————————————
GreenLight™ Plus! Backlit Paper.
Blox-Lite™ Double sided block out banner.
Blox-Lite Chrome™ Double sided block out banner with chrome finish.
EnviroScape Mural™ Water activated adhesive paper.
EnviroScape Mural   Texrured™ Water activated adhesive textured paper.
     [headline h=”1″]FLEXIBLE MEDIA from Executive Printers[/headline]———————————————————————————————————————————————
GREEN PE Banner™ PVC free banner.
GREEN PP Paper™ Polypropylene tear resistent synthetic paper.
   Product Brochures
  • Falconboard Blox-Lite™
  • Enviroboard® MR EnviroScape Mural™
  • GreenLight™ Plus!
  • CONVERDBoard
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