Perfect Binding / Book Binding in Miami Florida

[headline]What is Perfect Binding?[/headline] Perfect Binding is a widely used soft cover book binding method. A thermal glue is used to glue the edges of the paper to the spine of the cover. Then as seen in the video below the three sides of the book re cut down to present a clean perfect edge. [one_half] [styled_image size=”medium” align=”left” link=”” lightbox=”yes” alt=”Coroplast Signage”][/styled_image] [/one_half] Soft cover books that you see on the shelves at bookstores are a great example to show what a perfect bound book looks like. They have a square spine and the cover is usually printed on a thicker paper or card stock then the interior of the book. Clear coating the cover is also an option which helps provide durability and improve appearance. Many authors, businesses and organizations use Perfect Binding as their book binding method. [headline]The Perfect Binding Process[/headline] At Executive Printers we specialize in Perfect Bound Books in Miami. First we stack the interior pages of the booklet together to form a block, then the edges of the spine are roughed up with a blade. This exposes more fibers of the paper which increases the bonding area of the glue which holds the pages in the spine. Hot glue is applied to the roughed up area on the spine and the cover is held in place. After the glue has dried the three open areas of the book are then trimmed down. Perfect Binding is a cheap and cost-effective way to create professional looking publications including books and catalogs.

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